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WalkNText (Type N Walk + Flashlight)

As seen on Queen Latifah’s show:

Freely walk and text and see what is going on in front of you, on the road while walking and typing or down stairs.

iPad Pro

Write text messages or share your message with friends via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or Email. Type n walk or walk and type without fear! Use the flashlight to light the way.

A short demo video:


iOS 9

The Iphone App Review

iOS 8


Here are the unique features of WalkNText:
– Transparent keyboard working both in landscape and portrait and supporting multiple languages, just like the standard keyboard on hold of the keys! No other app for type and walk out there has this feature!
– Transparent screen
– Switching between the standard and transparent keyboards possible via menu button
– Works both on iPhone, iPod Touch 4g and iPad
– Change the color of the text and keys on the transparent keyboard
– Flashlight for walking in the dark
– Share with Twitter, Facebook, Email or standard SMS or copy and paste to 3rd party apps.
– Fast loading of the camera and zero battery drainage when you don’t use the app.
– Character count useful when you post on Twitter or via text message. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO CHARACTER LIMITATION, THE REVIEWER BELOW GOT IT WRONG! Once you get to 160 the app will simply turn the counter for the second SMS on: 2/160, 3/145 etc. This is useful for text messaging (SMS)
– Type N View and Type and Walk

Features in production:
– Facebook chat on transparent camera background

Disclaimer: We do not encourage using the app while driving, please don’t and use the app to your own and everybody else’s safety! The app is provided as is!

– Facebook optimizations
– Transparent Screen on the for the type n walk interface
– Transparent screen keyboard, most apps use the standard keyboard and block the screen!

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