War Commander: Rogue Assault | Best Apps and Games 18 February,2018

War Commander: Rogue Assault

An immersive military strategy game set in a massive multiplayer online world, War Commander: Rogue Assault delivers a stunning, fully 3D battlefield experience like nothing you’ve ever seen on mobile. Think you’ve got what it takes? Swipe & Destroy!


Adapt quickly with direct control of your units during battle

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Enjoy non-stop action with instant unit creation and repairs

iPhone 7s

Engage in epic single player campaigns and destroy rival armies on your way to world dominance

•Strikes! New single-use items that provide huge benefits when attacking bases (available starting Wednesday, April 12th PST)

iPhone 6

•Redeploy Tokens are no longer required to attack Strongholds multiple times. Oil can be used as normal to attack the same instance of a Stronghold (persistent damage), until it resets after 10 minutes

iPhone 6s

•Bug fixes and performance improvements