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War of Thrones – Dragons Knights Story & Kingdoms on Fire

The HOT thing is: You can summon your Dragon and let it be the Guard of your kingdoms.

iPad Pro

iOS 9

PEOPLE ARE SAYING "Definitely the best game of its type and I've played most of the leading ones out there.
Give it a try guys, you will be hooked!" "War of Thrones is awesome! Great set-up! And tons of fun!" "Seems to be a real fun game and you can have fun without having to buy a ton of stuff.
It's very easy to learn and use." "Good Game! Make some new friends here!!" The Great Dragon, are feared by enemies as they are admired by all heroes.
The awesome creature will help you to crush your enemies.
Before that, you have to develop your city by building, researching and training troops.
Joining an alliance is a must.
Launching rally war against enemies is very thrilling.
Chatting with players all over the world in real time is so exciting.

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For more details, please click and download it now! == FEATURES== -PLAY FREE on iOS devices ONLY -Millions of players around the world to chat freely and make friends -Develop a fully-equipped city with Houses, Hospitals, Altars, etc..

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

-Breed and raise a Dragon to improve immensely Combativeness -Tons of equipment for Dragon to enhance its attack -Crystals, Materials and equipment tradable in Market -Train troops including Rangers, Spearmen, Turrets, and more to defend and attack! -Train Top level heroes to improve the attack -Research advanced technologies, such as Magic Array, and Holy Amrita -Create or join a powerful alliance to become stronger together! -Take advantage of alliance benefits to help you on your quest to become King of World -Launch Rally Wars against enemies to win -Daily Chance wins you valuable items and resources -Complete Kingdom Quests, Daily Quests and Alliance Quests to win rewards -FREE speedups help you to finish missions faster -All kinds of servers for you to have tons of fun.
-Participate in various Events and win greatest prizes -Enjoy the exquisite GRAPHICS with amazing AUDIO effects and much, much more! —————————————————————— NOTE: * Network connection is necessary to play the game.
* Compatible with iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, and iPod touch 5 or later.
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