Warlords : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer | Best Apps and Games 18 February,2019

Warlords : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer

The famous Mini Game: Warlords come to iPhone/iPad now! Developed and Published by FingerLegend, the owner of Hide N Seek, Death Run and many other mini games.

Warlords takes minigames to the next level, featuring many custom 3D textured weapons, custom sounds, and many other exciting features within custom resource pack. After your epic battles have ended you can test your luck in the lobby to repair your weapons and armors in an attempt to gain one of custom 3D textured legendary weapons or legendary armors!
In this version, this minigame offers Capture the Flag Gamemode. Try to capture your enemy’s flag, take it to your base, and protect your team’s flag. There are many different class and specializations, each specialization has different skills.

Upgrade your skills and combats in the “Upgrade Master” in the lobby. And save your items in the warehouse. He can keep them for you.

This game supports world wide multiplayer! Each room can has up to 24 players! You can play it with other players all over the world.

Also, this game has great graphics, as you can see in the screen shot. It also support SMOOTH SHADOW too. In the game, you can set the FOV, view distance and many options.

Simple controls:
– Touch DPad to move. Also you can choose the hide the DPad graphics。
– Choose skills in the shortcut. Click “Attack” button to use them.

Game Features:

iOS 8.1

– Find “Mage”, “Paladin” and “Warrior” masters in the lobby. You can change your class and specialization there.
– Level up your class by experience. Getting experience by killing enemies and winning games.
– Find “Weaponsmith” in the lobby. You can repair broken weapons, re-roll weapons, craft weapons and many weapon related operations there.

riley roberts

– Find “Tailor” in the lobby. You can repair broken armors, re-roll armors, craft armors, upgrade helmets and many armor related operations there.

iPhone 6 Plus

– Weapons and Armors has different classes: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The name of these weapons and armors are in different colors.
– Support world wide multiplayer, each room can has up to 24 players.
– Great graphics, support smooth shadow. You can see the real screenshots below.
– Support chatting in the game.

iPhone 7s

– Support importing customized skins. In 64×32 pixels or in 64×64 pixels.
– Support changing texture packs.

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