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Watts Amps Volts Calculator

Not compatible with ios8 – Watts Amps Volts Calculator is an electrical app based on ohms law for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Calculate either to or from any of the following:
+ Watts
+ Amps

iPad Air 4

+ Volts
+ Power Factor
+ Single phase
+ Three Phase

for example:
+ Calculate watts to amps,
+ Calculate amps to watts,
+ Calculate three phase kw,
+ Calculate single phase watts,
+ Calculate how many amps in watts,

iPhone 6s

+ Convert three phase kw to Amps,
+ Calculate three phase power factor,

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+ Calculate volts from amps and watts,
+ Many more combinations of Watts, Volts, Amps, kW, Power Factor, Single and Three Phase Calculations.

From the app settings page you can save your default Volts and Power Factor values if you wish to, this way you do not need to keep inputing the Volts and Power Factor values for each electrical calculation as it is saved into the phones memory and inputs the saved values automatically.

You can email us from the application with any enquiries, suggestions or improvements.

A must have app for any professional electrician or electrical engineer.

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