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Wedding Party

Wedding Party is the app you need for your wedding. Collect photos from all of your guests and help them stay connected and in the loop as you count down to your big day.

– Get all the photos from all your guests in one place – no need for a messy #hashtag.

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– Automatically organize your photos by event – every moment from engagement to honeymoon goes in beautiful albums.
– Message all your guests or create private groups to plan and coordinate with your bridesmaids, family etc.
– Guests can take unlimited fun photo booth selfies or create wedding gifs from within the app’s new photo booth! They can save photo strips, squares or videos to share as well!

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– Use planning features to keep track of dates, share event logistics, and distribute registry and accommodation information.
– Bring guests together to connect and share their stories before the wedding.

With profiles, guests can meet, share stories & learn about things they have in common with each other before they even meet in person. All your loved ones, from all facets of your lives, will get a chance to come together and connect in a wonderful way.

With the built in photo booth guests can capture 4 photos in a row, even selfies and choose one of 3 layouts – photo strip, photo square or a GIF/video, add filters and share it with everyone. These are seriously the best!

Include all your registry details, event schedule & hotel/travel information so that your guests can keep track of all the logistics and always have important details about your wedding, right in their pockets!

With Wedding Party you can capture some of the most important moments in your life and connect with your guests in a way that has never been possible before!

For couples:
-Download the app and set up your wedding
-Add details for your wedding events (event and venue information, logistics, special instructions etc.)
-Get your guests involved by inviting them by text or email
-Log in to your dashboard at to download custom placecards, and tips on how to make Wedding Party a success for your wedding
-Set up albums for all of your wedding events (we’ve created a few for you already)
-Capture and organize all your photos in one place with this beautiful (and free!) app

For guests:
-Download the app, register and join a wedding with the custom Wedding Key created by the couple
-View the story of the couple’s engagement and wedding journey
-Share your best shots from the all of the wedding events
– Create photo strips or wedding gifs/videos from the photo booth



-Find logistical information like venue names and addresses so you can be at the right place and on time!
-Meet other guests and participate in the wedding in an engaging and fun new way

You guys! We have an amazing update for you 🙂

Okay, what’s one of the best, most funnest things to do at weddings? Take pictures in the photo booth, of course! And guess what? We’ve added the ability for you & your guests to do that RIGHT IN WEDDING PARTY! I mean…how great is that?

Now you can take 4 selfies from the front facing camera OR if you’re feeling generous, 4 photos of someone else from the regular camera with the photo booth in Wedding Party. Then you can choose to make it into a photo strip, a photo square or even better A PHOTO GIF/VIDEO. Whatever you create from the photo booth also comes branded with the couple’s initials to customize the experience for everyone.

And yes, we’ve even added the ability for you to add filters to your photos. Because YOLO.
Oh, and you can even share your video to Instagram.

We honestly don’t know if anyone reads this, but if you are reading this stop right now and go check out the update! It’s pretty awesome.

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