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WeDo: Shared To-Do Lists & Personal Task Manager

“I was looking for a great task manager and WeDo knocked my socks off. Simple, powerful, and helps me get my tasks done.” – Brett Brewer, Founder of MySpace

WeDo is a simple shared and private to do list app that enables you and the people in your life to get tasks done. Create grocery lists with your significant other, to do lists for your big trip, or for work related tasks.

We offer what other to-do list apps charge for, like assigning tasks, repetitive tasks, notes, attachments, and more… 100% FREE! Download it today and share it with your family, friends, and coworkers.

"WeDo is second to none." – Nick Blair, The Money Champ

“WeDo is the best todo list app I’ve ever used and it’s FREE!” – Michael Carney, PandoDaily

“Kind of strange that I love a to do list app, but I really do. It’s just so simple and easy to use.” – Ed Dikotope

“WeDo is simple, beautiful, and powerful. With the concept of tribes, I can use WeDo at work and for my personal life. It’s a to do list app that finally works for me.” – Artia, Founder of Overnight

WeDo Features:

• Beautiful and easy to navigate design!

Mountain Lion

• Add, track, and complete your to dos instantly
• Set reminders & due dates to keep yourself and others on top of things that need to get done
• Create repetitive tasks for tasks that come up often
• Subtasks for large tasks that need to be broken down



• Notes for adding important details to your to dos
• Create to do lists to help you organize your to dos in a much more manageable way
• Invite your family, friends, and coworkers to work on tasks
• Separate your coworkers, friends, and family through “tribes.” No need to intermingle them all together
• Notifications that keep you up to date on your to dos, messages, due dates and reminders
• Public to do lists so that everyone working with you can help get tasks done

Use Cases:

• Use WeDo for your everyday errands privately


• Collaborate with your significant other about things that need to get done
• Grocery list
• To do list for planning your upcoming trip
• Plan and coordinate your wedding party
• School projects
• To do lists for work projects
• Plan a party!
• And much more…

We made WeDo to help people get more done as efficiently as possible and it seems that many agree! We have heard from many users that WeDo is by the far the best to do list app they have ever used. We accomplished this by making the app simple for the people who want simple, and functional for the people who want more features…all while adding in a little bit of fun. Try WeDo today and tweet us at @getWedo

Groups have been a great way to work on multiple lists with people. But we understand that sometimes you just want to share just one list, like a grocery list or chore list. Shared list can be created in the new "Home" section.

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