WeiboX | Best Apps and Games 20 February,2019


WeiboX is a full-featured Mac OS X Weibo client. It have a clean and intuitive user interface, designed to be comfortably left open all day. Brings you the ultimate Weibo experience.

It’s simple to use but have a lots of powerful features such as:
1.Mutiple Accounts, You can sign-in multiple accounts at the same time;
2.Notification Center Support, All new messages will display on your screen immediately;


3.Multiple Windows and Columns, You can view and manage multiple timelines at the same time;


4.Retina Display Support, Every pixel seeks the ultimate;

iMac '24

5.Mute filters, Filter your timeline with keyword, user or sources;

dirty john real-life

6.Multi-Touch gestures, Swipe to go back and pinch to preview.

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"3.0.6" is a bug fix update:

• Add settings for "Automatic Refresh Interval"
• Fix potential crashes

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