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Well Control Methods HD

Well control Methods

This application uses the basic calculations of the methods to control oil wells after the occurrence of kick during drilling operations on floating platforms and land rigs.

This app is completely interactive and allows users to define a wide variety of parameters for oil wells and unit system, save data and more.

It is can be applied in the oilfield and also help on understanding the methods of the well control.
Well Control Methods:

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Well Control Methods:

1. Driller’s Method
2. Wait and Weight
3. Dynamic Volumetric
4. Static Volumetric – Migration / Bleed
5. Static Volumetric – Lubricate / Bleed – Top Kill

– For well control simulation, use another app "Well Control Simulator".   

iPhone 6 Plus

– For simulation of leak-off test, use another app "Leak-Off Test Simulator"; 
– For drilling simulation, use another app "Drilling Simulator"; 
– For hydraulic calculations, use another app "Drilling Hydraulics"; 
– For kick tolerance calculations, use another app "Kick Tolerance"; 
– For kill sheets, use another app "Well Control Worksheets (iPad only)"; 

These tools can complement (work with) this app by exporting/importing files which can be used in this application; 


6) calculations of Riser Safety Margin;


7) Included the formulas;
8) Ability to work with multiple files;
9) Sections: Riser, Casing, Liner and Open Hole;
10) Pop-up view to alert user about invalid values;

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11) Send resume of methods by email.
12) Show graph theoretical of the methods.
13) Set drillstring with drillpipe1, drillpipe2, heavy weight, drillcollar1 and drillcollar2;
14) Select floating rig or land rig;
15) Select unit systems: Metric, SI, field1 (imperial) and field2 (mix);
16) set fluid parameters: mud weight, plastic viscosity, yield point and initial gel;
17) Select rheological models: Power or Bingham;
18) Set gradients: formations and temperature;
19) Set jet nozzles or fixed TFA;

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20) Vertical or Slant Well Type (KOP, TVD and Measured Depth);
21) Set surface circulation equipments (mud pump and lines);
22) Save configuration to data files;
23) Show schematic of well with drillstring;
23) Useful for filling of Standardized Kill Sheets for Well Control;
24) Useful for Filling of Previous Recorded Sheets;
25) Capacities and Volumes calculations;
26) Hydrostatic and critical pressures calculations;
27) Hydraulics calculations;


These tools & materials are provided ‘as is’ without warranties of any kind, express or implied.
Please verify the tools provided by this application by yourself before you use them. Ensure you understand the impact of using these tools.
Any use you choose to make of these tools & materials is undertaken by you entirely at you own risk.

– iOS 8 and iCloud Drive support
– Dropbox support
– New icons

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