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Whatsweb for Whatsapp Tablet – Message Chat App

Do you want to use WhatsApp on tablet and your mobile phone simultaneously?


You can do it now in a very easy way !

Install Tablet for Whatsapp on your tablet and connect your mobile phone with your tablet by using QR code, that’s it.

1. Install tablet for Whatsapp to your tablet
2. Open its QR code screen
3. Scan this QR code with the Whatsapp account you want to synchronize
4. Open "Chats" tab on your tablet and press to "settings" menu, open "WhatsWeb" from that menu
5. Scan QR code with that opened screen on that menu
6. Thats it ! You now have two devices which have same Whatsapp account on it !

* No more change you need between your tablet and mobile phone


* Use bigger screen on your tablet to chat with your whatsapp friends easily
* Contactable on both tablet Whatsapp and phone Whatsapp app

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* Your Whatsapp contacts on both devices
* Your pictures and videos on both devices
* You can download Whatsapp tablet and download Whatsapp app to your phone and tablet synchroniously!
* Receive notifications when you got a message from Whatsapp application

Important Notice : This app is not an official app of WhatsApp Inc. and not associated with WhatsApp app company.

Bugs are fixed now

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