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Whink – Take Notes, Markup PDFs, Record Audio, Sketch

Whink is the best way to take handwritten and typewritten notes. Write like you’re using a real pen and paper. Quickly format typewritten notes and turn them into beautiful typography. Whink also lets you comfortably annotate PDFs, draw shapes, record audio, insert photos, post-its, checklists and more. Use iCloud Sync to always have up-to-date notes.

**Take Notes Easily**
• Write in the most natural way possible with Whink’s gorgeous, smooth digital gel ink pen.
• Create colourful notes using our very chic writing tools’, with its diverse theme palettes.
• Quickly format texts in your school and work notes into headers, subtitles and more.
• Emphasize lists in your typewritten notes by adding numbers, bullets & checklists.
• Zoom in to your notes to write in and see the tiniest details.

**Record Lectures and Meetings**
• Take notes while recording audio at the same time.


• Playback audio recordings while reviewing and editing your notes.
• Insert audio recordings in your PDF files as well.
• Add multiple audio recordings in all your notes and documents.
• Add and rename titles of your audio recordings

**Markup PDFs**
• Import PDFs by using the Open-In function from other apps such as Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
• Review your notes and documents without accidentally marking the page.

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• Markup PDFs and documents with a special highlighter.
• Fill up forms, sign and print contracts straight from your iPad.
• Insert photos to your notes and mark them up as well.

**Enhance Your Notes**
• Sketch and add/edit auto-shapes to your notes.
• Insert photos and rearrange or delete them anytime
• Add and rearrange post-its on your notes and documents.


• Quickly search relevant notes by adding tags and labelling them.

**Organize Your Notes**
• Categorize and quickly group together similar notebooks and documents.
• Create a duplicate of an entire notebook with ease.
• Insert PDF documents inside notebooks if you want.
• Quickly scan for specific notes and attachments in a notebook.
• Arrange your notes by adding sections and pages.

**Share and Backup**

iOS 9

• Send your notes via Gmail, Evernote or even Facebook
• Open your notebooks on other apps by just using the Open-In function.
• Automatically sync your notes via iCloud.
• Save your data to Dropbox or Evernote.

Ideal for avid note takers who wants a more convenient way to take handwritten and typewritten notes. It’s also for people who wants to review and mark up documents comfortably on their devices, anytime they want.

We hope you enjoy using Whink! For more tips on how to use it, visit our support portal at www.whinkapp.com.

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