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Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing

Whiteboard is the #1 collaborative drawing app for smartphones and tablets, with over 8 million downloads to date. Wirelessly connect two iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad devices over a local Wi-Fi network!

• Open any image or photo on your device!
• Save your drawings!
• Change your marker transparency (opacity)!
• Choose any color you want, with the new full-spectrum color picker!

iPhone 6 Plus

• No ads

App Features:

• Image transfer: open an image while connected, and it will be wirelessly transferred to your artist partner!

iPhone 6

• Newly-redesigned interface! It’s truly a pleasure to use. In the Info screen, disable the tab toolbar feature to get a full-screen canvas to play with. To bring up the drawing tools, tap the arrow button at the bottom right.

atul gawande


• Fully compatible with iOS 4.3 and higher.


"I love how fluid and natural it feels when you draw."
– Luqven

"A picture is worth a thousand words… maybe more on the iPhone."
– bondvilla

Helpful Tips:

• To erase the board without going back to the full-screen drawing tools, enable Shake to Start Over. Choose the Eraser tab -> under "Shake Action", choose "Start Over".

• If you enjoy this app, please give it a top rating to encourage me to develop more. Send me your feedback for updates, as I have plans for many future improvements! Thanks 🙂

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Developed by GreenGar with love

New Features:
– Save drawings to Google Drive or Evernote.
– Whiteboard Sync.

Improved Interface:
– Share screen, share sheet, activity view.
– Bug fixes.
– Added "Blank" button for iPad.

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