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Whiteboard – Tasks, Todo Lists & Project Management

Whiteboard is the easiest way to organize your tasks and be more productive in your day. From the to-dos at home, to the tasks and projects you are collaborating on with others, accomplish more with less effort with an app that is flexible to your way of getting things done.

– Focus on what you need to get done with to-dos that automatically appear in your Today List based on start date or due date.

– Clear and conquer your daily to-do list with a swipe! Swipe tasks as "Done" or off to "Later" for the ones you can’t get to today.

– Organize anything you are working on within workspaces. Use a personal workspace for your to-dos around the house and collaborate with others in a shared workspace on projects at work.

– Collaboration that works! Delegate, comment and receive updates on any to-do! Even invite clients and limit what they have access to by hiding to-dos, lists and files.

– Stay up-to-date and keep track of what has taken place in a workspace all from within the Activity feed.

– Designed to provide an experience that is a delight.

– Real-time sync across all your devices that is so fast, some say it’s magic!

– Support that will leave you smiling : )

You can learn more at http://whiteboard.co  

We enjoy caring for our users and are focused on providing a product that is a delight to use. With our team pushing out updates regularly, be sure to leave us a review and send us an email to [email protected] with your thoughts and feedback!

We have a lot of great announcements with this update! Most importantly, the announcement of our official launch! Here is a quick list of the top 5 items you need to know:

– iPad app: We are happy to introduce our iPad app! Download it now and check out all the great iOS 9 features we support, such as multitasking! Our iPad app is just another reason why Whiteboard is the best tool for being more organized and productive in your day!

– Shared workspace simplicity: We have made collaborating with others a whole lot easier and quicker by removing the need to create a team and then a workspace to collaborate with others. Now you can create a shared workspace and start collaborating in a fraction of the time!

– To-do details update: We have added an activity log in the feed so you can keep track of when updates have taken place on a to-do, such as when it was created or when it was completed.

– Navigate with less taps: We changed the overall navigation structure to make it easier to navigate to another section in a workspace as well as more quickly getting to your global list of workspaces.

– Sync like lighting: We are always working on making the app faster. You thought syncing was faster before… Wait till you get a look at this!

Don’t forget to leave a review and let us know if you have and feedback or suggestions by emailing [email protected]

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