Why You Lying? | Best Apps and Games 17 October,2018

Why You Lying?

You’ve seen the vines, videos, and memes all over social media. Now you can have endless entertainment with the hilarious "Why you Lying?" Lie Detector app.

Just press your thumb and speak into the phone and @Downgoes.fraser will let you know whether or not you’re statement is the truth or a LIE. #hmmmmooohhmmmygodddd

App has all the funny reactions from the famous vine.

richard madden

Steve Jobs

iOS 8.1

* There is a censor switch if you want to eliminate the vulgar words*

Use the Why You Lying app on your friends, family or even yourself.

Did that girl you give your number really lose it?
Did your boyfriend dm your bestfriend?


Who ate the last piece of pizza?

Now you can see if your friends are lying or not!

*** App is only for entertainment purposes. Results are not real even when they are right**

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