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Run your Windows applications on OSX without the need of buying a Windows license. Well, you even do not need to install Windows. Just download WinOnX and you are ready to go within 2 minutes.

– WinOnX should only be used for applications which are not available for OSX. Whenever an application is available for OSX, we strongly recommend to use this version.

– You can look at to get some information how good your application might work with WinOnX which is an ongoing project. In case your Windows application does not work at the moment, there is a good chance that it will work after one of the next updates.

– In case your application does not work with WinOnX please drop us a note at We always try to improve the quality based upon your feedback.

– WinOnX is based on the open source Wine project. It is a layer which redirects the communication between an application and Windows to OSX. As a result not all applications are fully compatible. Most applications run fine, some run even faster but also some run slower or even crash.

– Fixed compatibility bugs related to OS-X 10.7.5 and 10.8.2
– Fixed a bug which caused problems during secure authentication
– Updated to Wine 1.4.1

New In Version 1.4:
With WinOnX 1.4, you can now install as many Virtual Machines (VM) as you like. This has the following advantages:
– You can install programs completely separate from each other.
– Programs can be launched with different system settings.
– Instead of deinstalling programs, you can just delete the appropriate VM.
Furthermore, a lot of bugs especially related to keyboard entries and the installation process of new programs were fixed.

New In Version 1.3:
– Added "File" menu for native OSX support to create multiple windows and open files

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– Update to ‘Wine 1.4’
– Improved ‘Support Center’
– Several bug fixes

New In Version 1.2:
– WinOnX Support Center for automatic problem analysis
– Programs are started with a double click of the mouse
– Several languages are supported within the program
– Better support for multiple printers
– Improvement of full-screen view

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– Crashes are kept under better surveillance
– Log files for every program


– Many minor bug fixes

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