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WipFrag 3

Analyze image samples on your iOS device with the particle sizing software that started it all! Make decisions based on fact instead of theory. WipFrag software puts particle sizing at your fingertips!

Originally developed in 1986 at the University of Waterloo, WipFrag pioneered image-based particle size analysis software. Like other long standing, industry-standard software packages, the WipFrag of today bears little resemblance to its primitive ancestor.

WipWare technology empowers you with the tools you need to collect historical data, establish a statistical baseline and track subtle changes throughout the optimization process so you can make decisions based on fact, instead of theory. The included BlastCast™ blast forecast module helps predict fragmentation when used in conjunction with WipFrag particle size data.

As proven in the mining, forestry and aggregate industries, WipFrag particle analysis helps cut energy consumption, improves efficiency and minimizes equipment maintenance costs.

Blast models, formulas, expected results; we all know that this approach to predicting blast results is useless without the tool to quantify what really matters: fragmentation.

– Added ability to snap image directly from camera with auto scaling functionality.

iOS 8

– Removed ‘Apply’ button from set scale popup.
– You can now only set the scale when the popup is visible.


EDP popup now also turns translucent while interacting with the image.
– Changing the units while Dual Scale is selected will now properly update the lower scale unit label.
– You can now see net edit lines being drawn in the magnifying glass view.

iPhone 7

– Added ability to save BlastCast chart as PDF, PNG and CSV.
– BlastCast chart now displays blast parameters in the chart text box.
– Removed pencil icon beside project names. You can now rename a project by touch and holding on the name.


– Added ability to add size class profiles for analyses.

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