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Working Copy Enterprise

Access Git repositories on the go. Clone, edit, commit and push while taking advantage of iOS 8 advancements allowing other apps to also access repositories.

Git is a important part of the work-life of many and now iOS can take part in this. The ability to commit even when offline has added utility on a device that moves in and out of network coverage. Cloning repositories gets you a local copy on your iOS device with commits for all branches. You can browse the content from within the app and make changes. Other applications supporting the iOS 8 document picker also has access to these files. Changes made can be committed and the commits can in turn be pushed back to the remote.

The idea of doing significant programming on iOS might seem far fetched when you are used to a large screen, a physical keyboard and a full IDE. But just as it turned out that not every email is serious prose, then not everything that goes on in Git is significant programming. Sometimes you just want to update a TODO file or make adjustments to your Jekyll site. Sometimes you just need to add a file the designer sent after hours.

If you ever make reminders about small things to do with the code-base, then you should give Working Copy a try. You will spend less time moving stuff around and you will get much better commit messages when you write them for fixes that are still fresh in your mind. You won’t be leaving your computer behind any time soon, but sometimes it is faster to just fix things with the device in your hand.

Working Copy Enterprise is identical to Working Copy with all In-App purchases included and there is no reason to have both applications. In a enterprise or educational environment in-app purchases are not always possible, which is why there are two versions.

Made the following major improvements:
• Images are supported in the Changes tab, where you can compare the current image with the last one committed. This feature has been included as a action extension, available in other applications if you select two images to compare.
• Search through the files in your repositories by filename, content-type or status.

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• Use different identities for each repository, making it easier to do both work and play.
• Repositories can have multiple remotes, which can be push-only, fetch-only or bidirectional. Take full part in non-centralized git workflows
• Improved Clone interface makes it easier to clone from outside BitBucket or GitHub.



• Support for MultiMarkdown syntax.

iPhone 6 Plus

• Users manual is available from the settings page and can be exported or printed.

As always there has been lots of smaller adjustments and fixes.

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