Wormarium | Best Apps and Games 16 November,2018


Wormarium is a fast paced, action packed, puzzle game which pits you against super cute, and super deadly Moles. You play as the current rulers of the underground, the Worms. You are tasked with the mission to fill subterranean labyrinths with your worminess, in an effort to find a mystical book of great power. Find your way through the subterranean mazes, circumventing barriers, and creating new paths, while avoiding and out smarting the maliciously intentioned moles, who’s sole mission is to prevent your success.

– Amazing graphics, with super cute characters

luke combs


– Over 80 level maps to play through

iOS 9

– Incredibly fun gameplay, that is challenging to master
– Tonnes of collectibles to earn throughout the game


– Interactive challenge missions that will drive you to maximum completion!

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