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x2y – Aspect Ratio Calculator

Sure, we all know how to cross-multiply. But if you do lots of resizing calculations every day, you can save yourself hours with this simple application.

x2y is a beautifully simple aspect ratio calculator for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Built for designers and web developers who need to resize images and videos in code, x2y calculates dimensions and percentages for you automatically. Just choose the original aspect ratio or size, enter one of the new desired dimensions or a percentage, and the missing dimension(s) will be calculated instantly.

* Choose from a list of common aspect ratios for even faster calculations.
* Customize the list of common aspect ratios to include your own.


* Swap the x and y coordinates as needed with a single tap
* Double or triple the dimensions of your outputed images with a single tap. (Great for figuring out those @2x and @3x dimensions quickly.)
* Half or one-third the dimensions of your outputed images with a single long tap.
* Solve for either x or y dimension.

iPhone 6s

* Solve for a particular percentage.

man city fixtures

* Round to the nearest pixel, or show up to three decimal places, for more precise results.
* On iPad, choose left or right handed layouts, for better placement of commonly used interface controls.


* Select from several different color themes, to suit your preference
* Sync your custom aspects, selected theme, and more, between all your iOS devices over iCloud.

x2y conforms to the size of your screen. It is fully compliant with Voice Over for the visually impaired.

Use the in-app help guide to learn more about all the features of this app.

If you have suggestions for additional common aspect ratios, or if you’d like to see other features added, feel free to contact me via the support link.

Percentage: x2y will now automatically calculate the percentage difference between your two rectangles. Alternatively, you can type a percentage, and x2y will calculate the x and y dimensions for that rectangle. (Thanks to Hans vershooten for the suggestion.)

3D Touch shortcuts on supported devices, so you can launch with any of your first four common aspect ratios pre-chosen.

Two new themes, Night and Sand, for even more customizability. All themes are unlocked now by default.

Layout fixes and accommodations for older and newer devices, including iPad Pro.

Bug fixes: Copying on iPhone will no longer show action sheet under the custom keypad.

As always, if you like x2y, I would appreciate a review or rating. It goes a long way to helping me continue to update the app.

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