Yonder – Outdoor Adventures | Best Apps and Games 17 January,2019

Yonder – Outdoor Adventures

Created for everyone—from backyard explorers to backcountry adventurers—Yonder connects you to the people, places, and experiences that inspire

Want to go on a hike? Maybe kayaking? How about rock climbing? Simply launch Yonder and it’ll show you the places and experiences that are all around you!


· Discover thousands of geo-located images and videos around the globe
· Share your adventures through photos and videos



iPhone 6 Plus

· Search or browse our database of over 20,000 destinations


· Explore 25 activities
· Follow bikers, hikers, climbers, skiers and more from around the world
· Browse a feed or explore the map
· Like and post comments
· Share directly to Facebook, Twitter, email, and iMessage
· Keep lists of all your favorite experiences

Download Yonder for free and get out there!

• New login process! You can now login with your username instead of your email address! We hope this will make logging in much quicker and easier.

• New capture process! When you’re posting a photo you’ll now be prompted to choose a location to tag (and given lots of options), plus choosing activities looks a whole lot cooler.

• It’s now much easier to share out to Facebook, Twitter, email, and more!

• The pinch (or grid view) is back! Grid view’s got a whole new look! Check it out, we think you’re gonna love it.

• Of course, more bug and stability fixes to make for a more enjoyable Yondering experience.

As always, if you run into any issues, have questions, or want to tell us we’re awesome, please email [email protected], we love to hear from you!

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