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Youdao Note

Youdao Cloudnote is a multi-platform note application.
It can be used on one’s PC, iPad, iPhone. The content edited on one device can also be browsed and modified on any other device, so that all information can be accessed anywhere.
Youdao Cloudnote provides a variety of recording forms, including texts, images, sounds, doodles, any document formats, memos, and to-do lists. You can record your life in any way you like, share your notes on social networks, or send them to your friends by email. You can even generate note links and share them on any internet platform.
Currently, over 16 million users are using Youdao Cloudnote.

What can Youdao Cloudnote do for you?
Record——Text, image, sound, and documents All document formats are supported
– Easily save texts, images, and various other documents

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– Handwritten notes, doodles, sound recordings…
– Providing various ways to record your inspirations at any time
Synchronization ——Access the latest information anytime and anywhere through different devices or directly through the web. You will never need to worry about forgetting to have important documents with you
– View and edit the latest information and documents on different devices at any time, such as computers, webpages, and mobile phones
– All data is backed up safely on the cloud server and will never be lost
Management——Record information and manage search options, Easily find the content you need
– Tiered note system organizes large amounts of detailed information and is easy to navigate
– Powerful search engine allows for quick access to required information

Youdao Cloudnote distinguishes itself when in the following predicaments!


– Handwritten notes were specially designed for Chinese users


– Simulate traditional Chinese calligraphy
– Record original writing
– Help you rediscover the pleasure and feeling of writing by hand

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