Youth Ministry Tracker | Best Apps and Games 2 April,2020

Youth Ministry Tracker

YMT is the database solution for youth pastors to automate administrative tasks in student ministry, creating more time to care for students.
Features: *Capture student info with photos.


*Create events & track attendance.

iPhone 6

*Monitor stats trends over time.

iOS 9

*Create smart and managed groups by leveraging student and attendance data.
*Send individual texts to students with personalized messages.

Major update to Events:

*Filter attendance by gender, grade, school, or group.
*Search for students by name while taking attendance.
*View quick stats for individual events including gender, grade and school breakdown.


*Quick look all students that attended an event.
*Export lists of students in CSV or PDF format via email.
*Added a single event filter to smart group filter options.

Also, scrolling lists of students is speedier than ever.

Other minor bug fixes.

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