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Zen Brush 2

Zen Brush 2 is a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush.

With a new drawing engine that brings to life a feeling of silky fluent painting and the delicacy of an ink brush, providing a simple and intuitive user interface imbued with the Zen spirit, this app is designed to be optimal for performing Zen art.

Simply start the app and you are immediately ready to draw. Anyone can create superb Zen art anywhere and at any time with this app’s uniquely rich expressiveness. You can easily post your calligraphy and illustrations to social networks. Enhance your work’s expressiveness by choosing from amongst the vast collection of background templates and share the result on Facebook or Twitter.

– The next step in the evolution of the Zen Brush app which achieved more than 1.5 million downloads on all platforms combined.


iPhone 7s

– Includes a new brush engine providing an even stronger, beautiful expressiveness.
– Includes a gallery feature that makes it possible to save your work in progress.

iOS 8.1

– Includes red ink in addition to the black ink (*).
– Ink dispersion effect enables a three-dimensional feeling of depth.

* Actual colors vary depending on the template.

– 92 background style templates.
– Simple brush size adjustment with slider.
– Simple main tools: Ink brush, red brush, eraser brush.
– 3 levels of ink dispersion.
– 3 levels of ink tone.
– 5 levels of undo / redo.

iPad Air 4

– Save your work to the photo library.
– Post to Facebook and Twitter.
– Pressure simulation mode uses size of touch area to simulate strength of brushstroke.
– Support for pressure sensitive styluses (on iPad only).
Supports: Wacom Intuos, Adonit Jot, Ten1 Pogo, Hex3 Jaja, Cregle iPen2.
– Adjustable brush pressure sensitivity (5 levels).

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