ZENFORMS: Protectors | Best Apps and Games 14 June,2019

ZENFORMS: Protectors

Begin your own Protector journey today with this mobile RPG.

Catch, Train and Evolve your ZENFORMS and progress through the ranks to become a Grand Protector. Face the Rebellion and unravel the mysteries in the Caladan State of the mysterious masked man.

Determine your own fate and help shape a story of your very own!!

Features include:
– 96 ZENFORMS to catch, train and develop- With more on the way!
– Online Trading- Trade and grow your Zenform team.
– Master ZENFORMS skills to match your battle strategy.

men in black international

– Echo Battle system- Ability to battle other player’s ZENFORMS that are controlled by A.I.
– Echo Battle League- Compete against other players to win the seasonal league.
– Access to Calis Project Forum for hints, tips, sneak peeks and users input.
– Take part in the ever-growing online community.
– Collect items and progress through the storyline.
– Free updates.
– Customised Avatar.


– Offline Gameplay.

After Echo Battle interface revamped with option to choose which scene you return to, heal your team, and swipe left to view players in the battle.


Tap to view player’s CP Garden Profile from the top 3 players in the Echo Battle League.
Option to forfeit ("Give Up") Echo Battle.

iPhone 6 Plus

Echo Battle League win score is now 2 points, and a loss is still 1.
Attack balancing.
Bug fixes.

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