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Zero – Inbox Zero Email Client

Zero is a revolutionary email organizer app designed to help you deal with large quantities of mail while keeping your inbox clean with the Inbox Zero philosophy. Zero works with most popular email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and iCloud.

Zero is an email app created to shrink the amount of mail in your mailbox to nothing. Unlike other email apps, Zero focuses on the mail you should keep, rather than what you should delete. More than a simple search or email tracker app, Zero transforms the idea of inbox management, creating a clean flow with easy access to the most important parts of each email.

The Zero mail app introduces the MailFeed, a space where all of your emails are presented in a summarized card format for easy reading. With MailFeed attention is focused on one email at a time, which allows the user to rapidly determine what action to take with each message. Swiping through the emails you do not need will automatically archive them, cleaning your inbox with every swipe.

Take control of your inbox with Zero, the revolutionary new way to view emails!

Zero Features:

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MailFeed Changes Mail Organizers Forever

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– Contents of each email are summarized for quick viewing
– Unique card layout makes reading emails faster than ever
– Preview emails as text only for fast loading and low data use

– Emails are automatically moved to Archive folder when you swipe up on the current email
– Easily recover mail in the Archive folder

Compatible with the Most Popular Email Providers Online
– Works with Google mail, Yahoo, iCloud and more

iOS 9

– Automatic import from Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, Hotmail and Gmail inbox
– Compose emails from your Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook and Hotmail accounts without leaving the app

Search Emails with Ease
– Simple sorting makes your email search an ease
– Quick and easy search feature makes Zero the standard for email finder apps

Quick Reply and Suggested Reply
– Reply quickly to important emails using automated quick and suggested replies, available for all mail in the MailFeed
– Easy reply-all: keep everyone in the loop with simple tap and swipe commands

Browse Attached Files
– Email attachments are shown on Attachments screen for easy access
– View emails as text-only for lower data use

Keep Mail in Inbox or Send to Custom Folders
– Organize emails quickly!
– Keep important emails in your inbox by tapping the “Keep in Inbox” button
– Send mail to custom folders by tapping “Move to” on the email card

Think of Zero as your own personal email organizer and inbox agent. Whether you use Gmail or Yahoo, whether you want to search, archive or delete mail, Zero makes it easier than ever with intuitive swipe navigation, quick and suggested replies, and with the revolutionary new MailFeed for your mailbox.

Your search for the perfect inbox ends at Zero. Enjoy the revolutionary new way to go through your e-mail and download Zero today!

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