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ZipZap Phone

Invite Family & Friends to talk and text for FREE on the coolest new award winning app for your iPad! More features than any other communication application including voicemail, Call AND Text transfer and even group calling, all with the swipe of your finger!

Use ZipZap as an additional line for your home, on the go, or even for work! Download the app for free and connect with the people you care about instantly.

Works over Wi-Fi, 4G and LTE. Features include Calls, Texts, Voicemails, Faxes, Calls-on-Hold, Transferring, group and conference calling and more! Built in social media integration makes your friends and family available with just a swipe! Save money and never miss a call.  Start using ZipZap today!

*** CTIA Telecom Council: Most Innovative award winner in 2014 ***

· A phone on the go, allowing you to call Family and Friends using WiFi without additional charges wherever you are
· FREE & efficient home phone
· Replaceable phone number for Craigslist and eBay sales, online dating, and more
· Private phone number for your closest friends and family
· Local number in the area of your choice

· CONNECT with your friends, family, and colleagues easily
· TALK to all your friends at once, and even send TEXTS while on a call
· Make, take, and transfer CALLS and TEXTS
· GESTURE DRIVEN: do everything with a swipe of your finger
· Receive notifications on multiple iPads SIMULTANEOUSLY
· NEVER give a busy signal again
· Detailed history is fully archived and easily search-able
· Convenient and easy GROUP CALLING built right in


· FAXES, TEXTS, and CALLS all from your iPad
· TRANSFER texts and calls to anyone on your friends list instantly
· TAG any correspondence to quickly locate it later
· FAXES are received and stored digitally
· Apple iOS Contacts integration ensures you never lose your contacts


· HOLD MUSIC keeps your friends entertained when you need to step away for a moment
· Use REMINDERS to make sure you call or text your friends back when you’re supposed to
· FACEBOOK integration lets you voice chat and text with your friends quickly while keeping up to date with their timeline

Please note that the free ZipZap account only provides calling and texting with other ZipZap users.

ZipZap values your privacy and will never sell your information to anyone, ever!


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– Introducing ZipZap Social: Facebook integration lets you connect with friends and family quickly and easily
– Minor bug fixes
– Stability improvements

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