Zotebook | Best Apps and Games 19 January,2018


Zotebook is an easy alternative to CAD. It interprets your rough sketches and turns them into precise drawings that can be laser cut or 3D printed using the zotebook.io platform. Everything you can do is based on recognizing what you draw: to make two lines the same length, just make little tick marks. To square them off, draw a right angle brace. No more hunting for tool modes!

Zotebook is a great tool for thinking and prototyping. It won’t force you to add details before they’re important. When you’re ready, use zotebook.io to send it to your laser cutter or 3D printer. Try it out and iterate!

This app was called Sketch It Make It until November 2014.

Add text to your drawings with a simple right-left swipe.

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iPhone 6 Plus