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A Sexy Chat Message Generator for Singles Dating – Elite Text Game


Elite Text Game is the ULTIMATE compendium of over 60+ unique, hilarious, attraction building text messages. These sexy messages are specifically designed for establishing connection and peaking attraction!


"I anticipated some dumb pick up line jokes before downloading, but they’re not. Truth is they are some exceptionally funny comments that if you know just a bit of intricacy of attraction between men and women, you’ll see the power in (most of) these bits. Please, keep them coming!! More, I want many more!! Keep up the good work developers. Dollar well spent. "

"Very helpful way to stand out from the competition."

"It takes only one well placed comeback line to seal the deal. Thanks for these great lines!! 0.99 well spent"

With Elite Text Game you will never again have to worry about how to contact and chat with the hottie whose number you got at the local singles bar, dance club, music concert, speed dating event, online dating website or video personals site. Texting is a great method for reconnecting with old friends and girls you just met. SMS text messages are also the ideal way to establish comfort and build connection with sexy singles you would like to date from social networking sites such as facebook, myspace and bebo. This app is the perfect match for single men and women wanting to attract and flirt with members of the opposite sex. (Much more effective than ifart fart pranks!) The funny jokes and hot pick up lines found in this app can also be used in online chat rooms (although their main use is for IM chat and SMS text messages).

The text messages in Elite Text Game are the best of the best! Cultivated from the phone logs of players, pickup artists and pua gurus these golden messages are designed to elicit responses and peak love and attraction in anyone who receives them. All texting messages have been field tested to eliminate any and all mystery as to their effectiveness.

We are continually adding new texts in the free updates. If you would like to submit original texts that have been successful for you please email them to [email protected] for inclusion in future updates. (Please no xxx adult jokes due to the apple itunes app store anti porn policies.)

Don’t hesitate! Start building real attraction today with Elite Text Game!

Works on both iphone and ipod touch.

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