Air Notes – Airprint your notes! | Best Apps and Games 21 September,2018

Air Notes – Airprint your notes!

Airprint all your notes within a second!

-The ability to AirPrint your notes-
This means that you can print directly from your iPad/iPhone to an AirPrint-supporting printer! Immediately!

-iCloud Synchronisation-
It also includes iCloud synchronisation! So now you it for example automatically syncs your notes on your iPhone and iPad!

-The ability to adjust the font and size-

maryland shooting

iPhone 6

With this App you can choose whichever font you would like to use of all available fonts on your device! Also, you can change the font size to whatever you need!

And it features more!


-Email your notes-

iPhone 7

-Rotation support-
-Edit/save and delete notes-
-Automatic saving capability-

NOTE: If you don’t have an AIRPRINT-SUPPORTED Printer, you can still use this App. Just google for the free program called ‘Air Print Activator’ and any printer you have can be converted into an AirPrint supported printer!

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