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Art made out of text and what do you have…Artext for SMS texting, emails, facebook, and more.

This app is creative art for the iphone made completely out of text characters like this:
( /)
( . .)

You can use them directly in text messages, Facebook, and more. There are hundreds more to choose from in categories like: Animals, Love, People, Emoticons, Holidays, Vehicles, Weapons, and more. You can also use your own creative skills and our tools to create your own interesting Text Art.

Easy Access to Text Art:
– Hundreds of text art with more added all the time.
– Save Favorites for quick recall.
– Automatic recents saved for quick use.

Send Anywhere:
– Quick button for texting without leaving the the app.
– Quick Copy for pasting anywhere (like an email).

iOS 8


– Directly post to your Facebook status.

Customize New Text Art:

iPhone 6

– Customize any text art.
– Save anything and recall quickly from front-page categories.
– Use special fonts including:
— Backwards text

julie ertz

— Binary
— Morse code
— Small crypto-ascii
— Bubble letter
— Italics bubble letter

added support for iOS 4.1 users.

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