Carousel by Dropbox | Best Apps and Games 18 January,2019

Carousel by Dropbox

If you use Dropbox, you’ll love Carousel — it’s a gallery app that’s the faster, prettier, all-around-better way to view the photos and videos you keep in Dropbox.

Keeping track of your photos can be tough. Carousel lets you view all the photos and videos from your phone and Dropbox in one place, organizes them automatically, and backs them up to Dropbox.

Carousel even helps you free up space on your phone. Once photos are safely backed up to Dropbox, Carousel can remove them from your local storage, making sure you don’t run out of space on your phone or tablet.

Reasons you’ll love Carousel:
● Have photos and videos spread across your phone and Dropbox? Browse everything in single gallery that’s automatically organized into events.

● Keep all your photos with you without running out of space. Photos and videos in Dropbox are viewable from your phone, but take up almost none of your phone’s local storage!

● Automatically back up your photos and videos to Dropbox — your memories will stay safe even if you lose your phone or your hard drive crashes.

● Share a day’s worth of photos as quickly as one. Never deal with the hassle of emailing photos again. Recipients can view your photos even if they don’t have the Carousel app.

● Share however you want. Send photos privately to family and friends or post photos directly from Carousel to Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, and more.

● Relive old memories. Carousel’s Flashback feature helps you rediscover photos you’ve forgotten about by showing you weekly highlights of some of your best photos from past years.

We have some solid new features in this release. Thanks for all the feedback!

• Flashback is easier to access — you can get to your memories with just one tap.
• Batch export is here! Just select as many photos as you’d like and you can export them to your camera roll in one go.


iPhone 7 Plus

• A new 1Password extension lets you access your 1Password items during login.



• You can now create shared albums. Anyone with the link to a shared album will be able to comment on the album, like photos, and contribute their own shots.

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