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Cinema Forms – Movie Production Forms (Call Sheet, Model Release, Invoices, etc.)

★★ Cinema Forms is now FREE! ★★
We understand the risk of paying for an app only to discover that it is not what you’re looking for. Cinema Forms has all the features of its Pro version except the ability print or PDF share your forms. If you need this feature, simply go to our in-app Form Shop to upgrade to the Pro Version.

★ "While this is useful for professionals and amateurs alike, it could definitely come in handy for those just starting out in film production who aren’t quite sure which forms they really need or what they are supposed to look like." — nofilmschool

★ "This is a fantastic app and a fine example of how developers can take existing workflows and bring them into the future. " –macedoniafilms

Cinematography is a highly mobile business. Meetings, negotiations, and productions are frequently performed outside of the studio. Cinema Forms is a powerful tool that allows you to create, manage, and share production worksheets and legal releases directly from your iPad. With this app, you can now create call sheets, break down sheets, talent releases, location release, and so much more directly on your iPad.

• Portable and convenient
• Extensive Library of Forms (13 included, 90+ with in-app purchase)
• Interactive Smart Forms
• Share as PDF to Dropbox or Email (with in-app upgrade to PRO version)
• Customer Letterhead

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• Rich Text Editor
• Signature
• Keyword Search
• Geotag
• AirPrint (with in-app upgrade to PRO version)
• Intuitive Interface

Create, share, and manage movie production forms directly on your iPad.

Choose from an extensive library of standard production forms that are used throughout the Motion Picture, Film, and Video industry. Our forms serve all stages of production from pre-production to post-production.

Initial app purchase includes 13 essential form templates
1. Call Sheet
2. Breakdown Sheet
3. Smart Invoice (sum your pre-tax and post-tax total)
4. Shot Log
5. Talent Release Form
6. Generic Talent Release Form
7. Location Release Form
8. Location Scout Worksheet

iPhone 6 Plus

9. Asset Inventory Log


10. Cast Contact List


11. Crew Contact List
12. AV Script
13. Pre-production checklist

When you’re ready to expand your production, you can purchase additional form bundles via our in-app Form Shop with over 90 forms to choose from.

Cinema Form’s interactive smart templates not only allow you to fill out forms but will also store important metadata that can be reused again and again (e.g. company info, show, prod #, cast & crew, etc.).

SHARE AS PDF TO DROPBOX OR EMAIL (with in-app upgrade to PRO version)
With your completed forms, easily export 1 or multiple as PDF via Dropbox or email.
Create a professional look by inserting your company logo, address, and contact information at the header of each form.

With a built-in rich text editor, you can change the color of your input text and highlight color, as well as font family and font styles (bold, italic, underline).

Sign forms with your finger or a capacitive stylus directly on your iPad

Quickly find a specific completed form using keyword search on information on your forms.

Another way to organize your forms is through geotagging where you can assign map coordinates or addresses to your forms. You can also choose to display a map of a location directly on your form.

AIRPRINT (with in-app upgrade to PRO version)
Built-in AirPrint support allows you to print forms directly to an AirPrint supported printer.

Software is great only when it’s easy to use. Cinema forms give you a sleek and easy to navigate user interface.

Various UI, styling, and feature changes

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