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Compare & Sync Folders

Compatibility with OS X 10.11-10.7 & Retina! The Compare & Sync Folders has been developed with a dual purpose in mind: To be easy to use for beginners, but also provide the ability to fine-tune synchronization settings for the most exacting professionals.
The app can synchronize multiple pairs of folders at the same time. Using a powerful preview mode you can view the changes before sync and change the operation with files, if required. The app also provides ROBUST tools to filter your files and folder so that you sync EXACTLY what you want.

Do you have terabytes (TB) of data to sync? No problem!
Compare & Sync Folders has been specifically optimized to work with LARGE NUMBERS OF FILES, reliably and efficiently.

Compare & Sync Folders is perfect for backups to all media destinations:
USB, memory cards, disks on remote computers within your network, folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.).
Compare & Sync Folders is the REAL and the ONLY bidirectional synchronization app that you will ever need!

Install the VPN Server Configurator app, and you can synchronize folders on a remote Mac from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Install the Sync Folders Pro app, and you can synchronize folders "on the fly" using our REAL TIME SYNC technology or by SCHEDULE!

• Select two folders to synchronize.
• Click "Sync" button.

• Sync multiple pairs of folders in same time.
• Synchronize of Macs across a network. Login information for network folders is retained so they can be automatically mounted the next synchronization.
• Synchronize external drives (USB, memory cards, etc.) with your Mac, and vice versa.
• Synchronize between local folders Mac and folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.)
• 9 sync modes. Real bidirectional synchronization software. Tracking deletions, additions, changes in synchronized folders.
• 6 comparison modes (Timestamp, checksum, …).
• 9 modes of file operations. Powerful Preview mode. Change the operation with files before sync, if required.
• 5 search modes for items of the Preview table (by name, path, name & path, …).

MacBook Air

• 11 filter modes for items of the Preview table (Missing&Diffs, Missing, Diffs, Equal, …).
• Compare files using QuickLook or "Line by Line" comparison before sync.

Snow Leopard

• Shows selected files in the
• Opens selected files in the default app.
• Execution of file operations for the selected items of the Preview table.
• Copy the selected items (Missing, Diffs, …) of the Preview table into the third folder.
• Powerful filters for the inclusion or exclusion of files and folders.
• Resolving the file versions conflict.


• Protection against drives shutting down or being dropped during synchronization. Synchronization completed correctly, if during synchronization are turned off synced folders.
• Minor differences in folder modification time stamps may be ignored or honored. See "Allowable deviation of File Modification Date [sec.]".
• Saving the deleted files in a specific location ("_DelSyncFiles" – Folder for deleted files). Using this mode you are protected against accidental deletion of files, and can always return all files even after re-synchronizing several times. The structure of folders and subfolders is retained in the "_DelSyncFiles" folder.
• Each pairs of folders shows when synchronization was done the last time.
• The synchronization process is logged.
• Save / Load the program settings to a file.

– Re-signed app.

– Added French localization.
– The ability to resize the task table (user request).

eddie murphy

– You can change the file operation for a few selected items of the Preview table before sync.
– Improved compatibility with OS X El Capitan.

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