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Cop's Overtime Calculator

The Original.

Calculate OT hours and keep track of Overtime hours worked!

Hate figuring out how much overtime you’re getting at the end of a long night? Stop counting on your fingers and download this app today!

• Simply type in your Time Actually Worked and Scheduled to Work and Press Calculate. Cop OT will do the rest.
• Cursor moves automatically when 2 digits are entered for easy input.
• Automatically saves your Time Scheduled to Work so you don’t always have to type it in.*
• Input your salary in your iPhone’s settings and Cop OT will calculate approximate cash earned for each calculation.

illawarra mercury

• If you choose to take OT in time, time earned will be calculated.
• Defaults to today’s date, but can be changed to any other day for saving OT slip or press calendar if you want to save to your iPhone’s calendar.
• Enter notes (arrest number, detail, etc.) as well.
* NOTE: Some users have reported concern over a bug that doesn’t allow changing Tour Scheduled to Work. There is no bug, simply press the Garbage Can to Reset!

• Every calculation is saved as an OT slip for easy reference in app for every OT you’ve performed.
• Saves as whatever date you chose in Calculator.
• Displays all the info you entered. Including tour, hours, total OT, whether you took OT in cash or time, the amount earned and notes.

• Keep a tally of your total OT for the month.
• Breakdown of how much of that OT you took in cash and time.
• Save tracking to archive.

• Keeps a monthly archive in app.

iPad Pro

• Displays tracking info for month.
• Shows breakdown you have tracked and gives an approximate cash earned total and time earned total for that month.

HELP & Support:


• Answers to FAQ’s.
• Short video tutorials that will walk you through how to take advantage of all Cop OT’s features.

• Includes a simple Age Calculator.
• Scroll to a birthday and Age is displayed automatically.

This app was made by a cop, for cops.

iOS 8

Feel free to contact the developer via email or our website with any concerns.
Be safe out there.

• Bug fixes for iOS 8
• Easier, one-button calculation whether RDO or not
• Various other touch-ups

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