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Do It

Too many task managers? Why is this one any better? We looked at a lot of task managers and noticed how long it takes to add a quick task. For long-term objectives, more complex task managers might do the job, but when you need a quick reminder to get something done in a few minutes, all that complexity is a waste of time! We made a simple way to add a quick task so you can GET BACK TO WORK!

Do you feel unproductive? Feel like you can do more with your time? Want to not get distracted? Do you ever forget to do something? We have the app for you!

How do I know I need this application?
We found that people most likely to get this application are the ones that like to get a lot more stuff done with their time. People with ADD/ADHD find this tool very helpful. Whether you’re distracted or want to manage your time better, Do It is the perfect app for you.

Are you in the middle of one task when you realize you need to get something else done too? Do It sits in your menu bar and lets you quickly and simply set yourself a reminder to Do It in a few minutes. If you’re the type of person that likes to procrastinate, you can even tell Do It to lock you out of your computer when the time comes, so you’re forced to go get the job done!

Choose the number of minutes and the alert message you wish to see, and Do It will count down the time you have left and then pop up your alert when the time comes!

Key Features:
• Alert windows can be normal size, fill the screen, or optionally lock you out of your computer.
• Alerts can be set to open a file or application when the alert fires
• Presets allow you to have easy creation of alerts you need repeatedly
• Snooze button (optionally) lets you delay an alert
• Easy access to the application from the menu bar
• Simple interface so you can set the alert without wasting time

Completely redesigned!

• Easier-to-use, gorgeous popover-style interface

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• Optional countdown timer window
• Optional lockout feature that will force you to stop using your computer for however long you specify


• Optional "snooze" button to put off an alert to a later time

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