Endless Balance | Best Apps and Games 23 February,2019

Endless Balance

Balance your way to glory, as you ascend into the heights of outer space, in a truly out of this world experience! In this sequel to the previously featured iOS hit “Balance of the Shaolin,” you’ll play as a range of epic characters, including martial arts masters, a superhero, and even a cosmonaut.
Standing perilously at the peak of a tree that grows endlessly skyward, you’ll advance through beautiful environments including: •bright blue skies with dangerous gorillas and enemy helicopters •thunderstorms with mighty Zeus hurling lightning bolts •snowstorms with an evil snowman and falling icicles •outer space with strange UFOs and their tractor beams With endless gameplay, your concentration and balancing abilities will be tested.
Climb the leaderboard as you compete against other balancing masters! Move up through the sky and unlock new characters.

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But, be cautious! You have a limited number of lives and one wrong lean can mean disaster! Future updates will bring you brand new characters, powerups, and obstacles.
Endless Balance is available exclusively on iOS and is optimized for all iPhone & iPad devices.

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It is free to download!

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