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Ergo Web Tools

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As many people are looking to take iPad seriously as a everyday-use device, web developers are lacking many tools necessary to use the platform to develop on. Web Tools brings two tools which front-end web developers need every day in 2015: a scalable web view and an inspector.

With Safari on iPad, you can only test a site at full-width. Web Tools allows you to test any width you need, even if that width is larger than the screen you are on.

Apple has an Inspector for iPad only if you plug into a Mac. But if you don’t have a Mac, finding that styling bug becomes tough. Web Tools provides an easy way to drill through your HTML and see all CSS rules and attributes applied to each element. Easily add, edit, and delete attributes as you would on a desktop browser.

This is just the start of Web Tools. More tools are coming in the near future.


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