Extra Emojis | Best Apps and Games 23 February,2019

Extra Emojis

You asked and we delivered. Extra Emojis was a project purely inspired by members from social media. We took it straight to social networks and asked "Why would you like to see extra emojis?"
Here are some of the best responses:

"There should be a middle finger emoji bc typing screw you takes too long"
"If anyone has ever had a burrito, they would understand the importance of a burrito emoji"

space jam 2

iOS 9


"I need a typical white girl emoji to express my inner white girl"
"Um… Have you ever tried a taco?"

– iOS 8 & iOS 7 compatible
– High quality designs
– Tons of options
– Use directly with keyboard (iOS 8 only)

How does Extra Emojis work? Extra Emojis take the high quality designed emoticons and renders them into a bubble form which you can use while texting. God bless!

Extra Emojis, its designs, and all other assets are the sole property of Jeffrey Peters. Any sort of reproduction of this app using the assets found within this app result in legal consequences.
"Emoji" is a term owned by Apple, Inc.

© 2015 Jeffrey Peters