Fabric: Discover with friends who share your taste in movies, TV & music – fully integrated with iTunes, Netflix, Fandango, Spotify & Amazon Prime | Best Apps and Games 17 February,2020

Fabric: Discover with friends who share your taste in movies, TV & music – fully integrated with iTunes, Netflix, Fandango, Spotify & Amazon Prime

Fabric makes it fun to discover hundreds of new movies, TV shows, and songs with friends who share your taste. It’s never been easier to find entertainment tailored specifically for *you*!


We are made up of a Fabric of our interests, past, present and future – all the movies we’ve watched and love, all the places we want to visit, all the music we grew up listening to, all the TV shows that have made a lasting impression on us. Our FABRIC makes us who we are; it’s our personal taste fingerprint and we love connecting with people who share our interests. We all want to do more of what we love but our to-do lists are scattered across our minds, notebooks, emails or different services. Harder still is finding people to do fun things together with.

Fabric is your social entertainment hub to help you stay current with the best and latest movies, TV shows, music and travel destinations. Share your interests and get connected with people with similar taste. See what’s available and where through Fabric’s integration with iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Fandango and Spotify. Fabric is everything and everyone you’re into, all in one place, and on the go!


Daily swipeable lists that we call “Packs”:

• Fabric Movie Packs

iPhone 7s

Have you watched all the "30 Great Non-Bond Spy Movies"? How about "Every Oscar Best Picture Winner"? Or this week’s "New on DVD" releases?

• Fabric TV Packs
Are you familiar with the "40 Classic TV Sitcoms"? How about "This Year’s New and Upcoming Shows"? Or "20 Great Shows about Nature and Science"?

• Fabric Music Packs

iPhone 6 Plus

Do you know what is "New On The Charts This Week"? Have you listened to all "Top 20 Rolling Stones Singles"? How about the "Grammy Nominees Of 2015?"

• Fabric Travel Packs
Have you been to the "25 Great U.S. Hiking Destinations"? How about all "Top 22 Cities For Museums"? Or the "Top 20 US Cities For Beer"?

• Your ‘Want-To’ List

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All of the fun things you save from each pack are automatically stored on your want-to list. Sort your list by recommendations from friends, Rotten Tomato score, global popularity and more. From day to day, check off all the things you’ve completed and get inspired to do more!

• People Like You
Make new friends with people like you by checking our their profile and compatibility score. Fabric enables you to connect and chat with relevant tastemates based on shared interests and social recommendations. Plan a movie night or a travel adventure with your new friends directly within the app!

• Fabric Feed

melbourne storm

Discover movies, TV shows, travel spots, artists and fun packs by checking out what other Fabric fans are up to!


Creating your Fabric want-to list is easy. Simply tap a pack that interests you and swipe down on anything you want to do. Everything swiped down will be automatically and conveniently added to your Fabric want-to list and ordered by the amount of people who share your taste.


"The concept essentially turns list making into a game, with the app’s design borrowing from what’s made companies like Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Tinder so popular: large art, editorial content made up of lists and the ability to swipe. " – Variety.com

“The exciting thing for me about Fabric is that it is a massive intent engine that captures valuable consumer intent data across multi-billion dollar advertising categories like travel and entertainment,” said John Spinale, Disney.

“Fabric blends the creative expression of Pinterest, the fun list experience of Buzzfeed and the utility of apps like Evernote to allow people to easily build and maintain their personal fabric — everything they’ve done and everything they want to do. This is going to be a very powerful platform for driving activity and connecting people.” – Allen DeBevoise, chairman of Machinima

"***** Really fun & actually useful app for amplifying your life. I dig it." – Fabric user btuckie

– Beautiful new profile display shows all of your interests and what you have in common with other people.

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