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FancyKey for iOS 8 – Personalize your keyboard with cool Fonts, colorful Themes and beautiful Emoji Art

Searching for a fully customizable keyboard? But missing out other important features like powerful auto-correct, emoji, emoji art, designer fonts and the most important thing – don’t want to allow access to your private chats?

Also love the "SWIPE" feature ?

So here you have found the solution:

A keyboard that suits each and every user’s personality.


Now with SWIPE input method added so that you go on typing without getting bored!

Just use this keyboard once and we bet, you’ll never look back to other keyboards!

We have features that every user craves for:
SWIPE input method with accurate predictions.
• 50+ integrated themes and adding more periodically.
• Set your favorite snap as theme.
• Up to 100 funky fonts to choose from.
• Several amazing fonts to choose from to display on keyboard.
• Advanced auto-correct / auto-suggest engine powered by Adaptxt Technology.
• Integrated Emoji / Emoticon Keyboard and auto-suggest Emoji as you type.
• Integrated Emoji Art Keyboard, one tap to input nicely crafted Emoji compositions.
• One-Handed Mode support for iPhone 6P.

iPhone 6s

• Swipe Cursor support, just swipe on space bar to move the input position.
• Ability to turn on / off keyboard click sound.
• Support ‘shortcuts’ that are created in System Settings.
• Layouts and typing behaviors conform to the default keyboard.
• Fully functional without "Full Access" (Full Access is temporarily needed if you want to add a theme or language.)

Think of any application where keyboard is used and there we are, supporting all types of applications!

Languages supported currently :

life size 2

And adding more on your requests.

We hope our keyboard changes your life from boring to interesting!
If any compliments or complaints regarding the app, just drop a mail on this mail address- [email protected]

– Fix the auto deleting issue, sorry for that!
– Fix the issue that Auto-Capitalization cannot be turned off
– Add Keyboard Click Sound

iPhone 6 Plus

– Add option to change display font size
– Add option to change theme name, just tap on the "preview" button!
– Add Turkish and Hebrew support
– Add user forum, now you can talk with us directly within the app

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