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Grocery King – Grocery Shopping List, Recipe Manager & Meal Planning Calendar

3 years in the making, the brand new Grocery King for iPhone is here with a beautiful and refreshing new interface designed to delight you every time you use the app. Grocery King is an app that helps you and your family easily create grocery shopping lists and collect and organize your recipes. With Grocery King you can visually create your lists by picking from 1000’s of built in photos of everyday items from 24 different categories. The app is so much more than a grocery list app, you can collect & organize recipes, create meal plans, create todo lists, track item expiry in your pantry and digitize your reward cards & coupons within the app.




== LISTS ==

• 1000’s of everyday grocery items already categorized for you with built-in photos, just tap tap tap to add items to your lists
• Lookup weekly sales circular for 100’s of nationwide grocery stores. Lookup item pricing and specials and add them to your lists

iPad Pro

• Create multiple lists, add items with photos to list and check them off as you shop, add notes, organize items by aisles

iPhone 7s

• Search & lookup millions of brand items to add to your shopping list.
• Scan item barcode to quickly lookup item and add to shopping list or scan to check off an item from lists.
• Highly flexible item catalog to make it your own. Group items further into sub categories
• Grocery King automatically saves your shopping history and organizes it by date. You can also save your store receipt & barcode within the app for easy lookup later.
• Share, sync and email lists instantly with friends and family for a truly coordinated shopping.
• Know exactly when a store is open, get alerted when you are nearby a store, get driving directions or call your store with one click


• Enter your own recipes, categorize and organize them the way you like it.
• Import & download recipes from 100’s of popular recipe websites that includes photos, ingredients & directions with a single tap
• Add recipe ingredients to your shopping lists with a single tap
• Search for recipes online by name or ingredient and import them into app with one tap
• Know exactly what recipes can be prepared today by referring to the items in stock in the pantry
• Plan your meals on a calendar. Create reusable menus from your favorite meals
• Offline access. All your data is stored locally, no internet connection is required to view your recipes.


• Import, download and organize recipes from the comfort of your desktop computer.
• You can add your own recipes, organize recipes in different categories, add/update ingredients, add recipe directions and everything in between.
• Seamlessly syncs recipes with the Grocery King App installed on your iPhone.


• Track item stock whether it’s your perishables in your fridge, chips in your pantry, toilet paper in the bathroom or medicines in your medicine cabinet
• Know exactly how much you have in hand & save yourself time & money every time you go out for shopping
• Know when your perishables/food will expire


• Setup reminder alerts to remind you before an item expires

=== TO DO LISTS ===

• Create task lists for things like vacation planning, school projects, work, personal errands, movies to watch & more
• Drag & drop to re-arrange tasks, setup priorities, setup due dates & reminders and be alerted before the deadline
• Group your tasks based on priority and starred. See all your tasks in one single view (Master list)
• Password protected lists, create sub tasks, sort your tasks by multiple parameters
• Beautiful themes


• Digitize your reward/loyalty/library card
• Pick from 1000’s of ready to add retailers with logos and offers built-in
• Save coupon information within the app like coupon code or bar code. Get reminded before the coupon expires

==== CONTACT US ====

We’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

v1.1.1 changes :

• Bug fixes and stability improvements.

v1.1.0 changes:

Hot on the heels of our inaugural release to the App Store couple of weeks back, we’ve got a bunch of awesome improvements for our crazy fast-growing family of shoppers and cooks! Ready? You’re gonna like this…

• New improved barcode scanning. You can now continuously scan multiple barcodes without any interruption.
• You can now quickly add items to your list or cross-off items from your list simply by scanning product barcode.
• You can also add/subtract item stock quantity simply by scanning product barcode.
• Brand new seamless recipes screens re-designed to make them a delight to use.
• You can now quickly add all recipe ingredients to your shopping lists of choice with just a tap.
• You can now change recipe’s serving size, and Grocery King will automatically adjust the ingredient quantities for you.
• Improved list checkout screen now shows the final price for each item that includes the quantity, coupon discount and tax.

If you love the continuous changes and updates we’ve been making, please consider taking a minute to review our app!

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