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Infographics for Pages

Communicate your ideas and data analysis into easy-to-understand infographics that are interesting, compelling, and visually appealing.

Infographics for Pages contains over 20 infographic templates—fully editable and customizable using Apple’s Pages. Choose a design from the creative template browser and add preformatted graphs, charts and maps from the style gallery. It’s as simple as that.

Supports a comprehensive range of infographic aesthetics, styles, and structures:

• Fast Facts: Short, punchy, bite-sized information. Almost like bullet points—but without the bullets.
• Large Charts and Maps: Data-centric, exploratory having call outs. Suitable for data and research.
• Iconographic: Icons, silhouettes, and small illustrations for the depiction of facts and figures about a popular issue.
• Typographic: Using text and typeface for visual communication.

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• Narrative: Defined and often linear trail between elements for information that’s placed in a narrative way.
• Provocative: Surprise, delight, question, and engage your audience with thought-provoking messages and themes.
• Minimal: Clean lines, data centric with white space. One central idea, many sub ideas emerging out of it.


• Corporate: Simple color pallets with distinct visual cues.

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• Trendy: Extra design elements and quirky imagery.
• Realism: Real-life characters and their actual images.
• Illustrative: For complex ideas that need an easy explanation using characters, illustrations, or cartoons.
• Compartments: Sections, call outs, subtitles, and copy. Sectioned with subtitles.


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Infographics for Pages requires Apple’s Pages, part of the iWork suite of applications.

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