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iQfon Cheap International Calls

Call Global, Pay Local

Cheap international calls from your mobile

iQfon : Cheap International Calling

Make your first FREE call today and enjoy the high quality of international calls on iQfon.
Make unlimited international calls to mobile and landlines. iQfon converts your international calls to local calls so you can talk at most competitive rates available. Save money on international calls with the lowest rates available.

With iQfon, you can enjoy international calls from US and Canada to anywhere in the world, easily with no worries! Get the lowest international calling rates using iQfon. The app combines low cost calls with convenience, mobility and great call quality.

iQfon offers very cheap call rates for international calls. We are always doing our best to improve voice quality by cooperating with the best telecommunications companies in the world therefore providing our customers with the best call quality available. It’s highly recommended for anyone who needs to make frequent international call to friends and family abroad.

# Advantages of using iQfon to make cheap and free calls
– Highest Quality Calls :Unlike most of the calling Apps like Viber or Skype which use internet for making VoIP calls, iQfon uses your mobile network for delivering the calls to our international switching centers, resulting in a higher quality experience

– iQfon does not use internet for the duration of your call

– Easy to use : Your friends do not require downloading any App for receiving the calls

– Cheap and Free : you just pay for your actual minutes that you talk on the phone

– Convenient :You can make cheap international calls to any land-line or mobile phone in the world using iQfon

-It’s that simple! It takes less than a minute. Enter your mobile number (that you’ll make calls from) and make your cheap and free calls as you wish with no varification.

iQfon Calls charges depend on factors like destination in the country you wish to call, the type of number you are going to call (mobile number, landline number or a special number) and also the carrier of the number you are calling.

#Some OF Our Rates :

– Call India for as low as 1 Cent per minute

– Call Jordan for as low as 10.0 Cents per minute

– Call Chad for as low as 22.0 Cents per minute

– Call China for as low as 1.2 Cents per minute

* Instantly reach the people in your life with cheap and free calls. At iQfon, we want to give you high quality international calling at great rates. When you call by iQfon, we automatically connect you to your friend at our great rates. Your mobile will treat this just like a local call, so you don’t have to worry about expensive bills.

* iQfon is only available for USA and Canada users. We will add more countries as we expand our footprint. As we grow and move in to more and more countries, we do our very best to ensure our high quality network and low prices remain the same.

* Please check your subscription plan with your mobile operator

* iQfon requires internet for setting up the calls


iPhone 6s Plus

It’s free to download, easy to use and simple to manage. Plus, get our iPhone app to make cheap and free calls to anyone and anywhere.
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* Application Enhancement
* Bug Squashed
* A cleaner and faster app

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

* Free credit for liking social networks
* view calling rates for each number of your contacts next to their number
* View number label (e.g work,mobile) right next to each number of your contacts
* Fix number added so you can make calls immediately
* Added more details for favorite list


* Invite your friend (for each friend who install and signup for iQfon you get $1 free credit)

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