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MailShot Pro- Group Email Done Right!

Discover why over a quarter of a million people are now using our MailShot apps to send email to their groups.

MailShot is the first app on the Store to let you easily email groups of your contacts from the Mail app, just as if it was built into your device.

MailShot creates special entries in your address book that you can use for sports or work teams and groups of family, club or church members and friends. You no longer need to write your group email in a separate app.

This version of our popular app can create up to 100 groups, each with 100 or more contacts (the limits depend on your email provider).

• Use MailShot groups from many different apps*, just as you would with a regular contact.

• These special contacts can be shared to, and used from all your other iOS devices.

• Forward received email to a group with all its attachments intact (MailShot is the only app we know of that can do this.) 

• Send documents, photos, or any other attachment to a group, directly from the apps that create them.

• Protect privacy, by placing MailShot groups in the Bcc: field of an email.

• Siri can email groups by name.

• Create your groups rapidly in many different ways- add from a checklist, Import address book groups, paste a string of addresses, or enter details manually (to avoid cluttering your address book.)

Here are some typical comments from users- check our past App Store reviews for many more.

"Love this app. Finally- a way to forward an email to a group without exiting my inbox."- Ktk838518352, USA

"Absolutely the best App on my phone. Uneventful, works like a charm."- Bkingam, USA

"App is great, and the customer service is even greater"- YTZ458, USA

"Within five minutes this app has proved to be worth every penny. So easy to set up and use, and does exactly what it promises. I’m slightly worried by how happy I am to have discovered it- seriously."- Yorklatic, UK

"Easy to use, and very intuitive."- Reni Ninan, USA

"Should have been part of the iPhone email feature set from the outset. This is a GREAT utility!"- PNort, USA

"I am happy I bought this app every time I use it. This means I am a pretty happy guy :)"- Donut Licker, USA

Join hundreds of thousands of our satisfied customers already using MailShot. What are you waiting for?



MailShot contacts can be used from tens of thousands of Mail-compatible apps on iOS devices.

Exceptions we know of are QuickOffice, Evernote and Calendar apps. Other dedicated mail apps typically cannot handle MailShot groups, but you can send to any email account from the standard Mail app.



iOS will ask permission for MailShot to access your contacts. Your email address, and those of your group are never shared with us- everything happens on your device.



We pride ourselves on our quality of support and are always happy to hear from you.

You can find a full guide, support information and tips at If you have any issues, or suggestions for future updates, Please get in touch using the "Support" button in the app.

in v3.6:
• Updates for iOS8.1 compatibility.
• Support for iPhone 6 and 6+ screen sizes.
• 64 bit support

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