Moneygrabber! | Best Apps and Games 15 July,2018


You gotta MAKE money to SPEND money! Moneygrabber is a (non)realistic simulation of life.


It’s all about the money, the moolah, the bling, the cheese.

iPhone 6 Plus

Spend it on something nice.

モンスト ヒースクリフ

On yourself! Grabbing money is easy in this endless arcade earn ’em up.
GET RICH OR BLISTERED TRYING -Want to get rich? Grabbing money has never been more satisfying.

Steve Jobs

-Tangible bubblegum graffiti style graphics.
-Dynamic soundtrack that synchs up and evolves with your grabbing.
-Customize your character with status symbols.
What's you style? -Get yourself a Ronex watch, or why not the Feralli sports car?

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