Moneygrabber! | Best Apps and Games 11 January,2019


You gotta MAKE money to SPEND money! Moneygrabber is a (non)realistic simulation of life.
It’s all about the money, the moolah, the bling, the cheese.
Spend it on something nice.
On yourself! Grabbing money is easy in this endless arcade earn ’em up.

jayme closs updates

GET RICH OR BLISTERED TRYING -Want to get rich? Grabbing money has never been more satisfying.

iOS 8

-Tangible bubblegum graffiti style graphics.
-Dynamic soundtrack that synchs up and evolves with your grabbing.
-Customize your character with status symbols.


What's you style? -Get yourself a Ronex watch, or why not the Feralli sports car?

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