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NIMBLE BIRDS:CrazyHardestGame

***Nimble Bird will be free to download until February the 22nd***

Badland meets Flappy Bird in the most frustrating game the App Store has ever seen!

Nimble Birds is the latest & greatest new game released by Nimble Games. It features colorful multi-layer backgrounds, entertaining music & various difficulty levels to challenge new players & experts.

You thought Flappy Bird was frustrating? That Badland was hard? Just wait until you play Nimble Bird, the most rage-inducing game the App Store has ever seen.

-Over 40 stages & 50 achievements (with updates added regularly)
-Simple & easy to control
-Extreme levels of difficulty
-3 Distinctive types of birds
-Unique obstacles that come out of nowhere
-Stunning background design & music
-Works on iPad, iPhone or Android

Game Play
You must help the Nimble Birds flee from the jungle. Evil men are trying to destroy the jungle. Machines are coming to crush everything in order to build a new shopping mall. The Nimble Birds must fly away and find a new home in the forest, a place where they will be safe from the machines. Help the Nimble Birds get away safely to their new home!

What’s been said:

iPad Air 4


“The most frustrating game the App Store has ever seen.” –PocketGamer
“This game is highly addictive. I can’t put it down!” –J. Long
“Love this game. My whole family is playing it now.” –C. Halbert


“This game is driving me crazy, but I love it!” –P. Hunter

Download it now for free until February the 22nd & get your quest started today!

Fixed minor bug
Add daily bonus

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Add Fiksu tracking events

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