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Opus One

Glance at your day, week or month. Drag and drop to reorder, prioritize or reschedule tasks, events, compass items & goals. Arrange tasks by categories, set them to specific time zones, make them last for several days, add alerts and bulk edit. Use our Growth Sections to make time for the things that matter and when needing a little cheer, add your own inspiring images, share via mail or post your Goals to Facebook.

Our top ten powerful tools include:

1. Daily Task lists with:
– Due Dates
– Status
– Priorities
– Color Coded Categories linked to specifc Calendars* (to create Events from Tasks)


– Repeating Rules
– Task Notes

2. Eisenhower Matrix View – for easy prioritizing

3. Daily Schedule and Event integration with Calendar.

4. Daily Notes with Motivational Quotes and the ability to include:
– Text
– Images
– Maps


– Checklists
– Drawings and

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– Audio Notes

* Notes can be shared via Email, iMessage, Posted to Facebook or Twitter

5. Master Task list (for tasks without due dates) with side Planner Views.

6. Compass Section that includes a wizard for new users, custom Roles linked to Values, compass tasks with counter and notes

7. Goals with:
SMART description
– Categories
– Tasks
– Custom images
– And a log to keep track of your journey.

8. Mission Section featuring a Mission Builder for those who need a little help building their personal mission statement and values.

9. Tags and advanced search tools so you can find the information you’re looking for with ease.

10. And the ability to add tasks from mobiles using Siri & Reminders.


MacBook Pro

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