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Sharing a webpage through the Safari’s share sheet is lack of images an custom feature. Many sharing tags embeded in the webpage need registering & logging in. What’s more, the third-party’s web-browser sometimes doesn’t store your cookies. These are inconvenience to people who are used to refresh webpage and would like to share interesting ones.

iOS 8.1

Medias and Geekers often have more than one platform and account to share information with, which means once edited, many times post. General media clients do not support the functionality.
Some people usually found themself attracted for hours since they planned to post a twitter with multiple pictures. However, in iOS album you can post a twitter with only one picture at a time.

Our app is trying to deal with such troubles.
Main Functions
● As an extension share any webpage to Twitter/Facebook/Weibo, with title/images/quote/link automatically picked-up.
● The main app can post info conveniently and independently. Camera & Selecting multiple images are supported.
● Use multiple accounts on multiple platforms. Edit once and post multiple times.

About Image
● Long-press images to mark quickly. Undo & redo.
● Select & combine images freely. Reserved real effect amap.

sheryl crow

● No need to wait for all images downloaded to post.
● Filtered parts of ads/Logos. Jpg/png first.

About Text
● Use the bottom share sheet not the popping menu when quoting.


● Swipe left/right to adjust cursor when editing text.
● Shake device to clear all texts.

About Others
● Tap status bar to reach the top.
● Portrait & Landscape supported on iPhone/iPad.

iOS 9

● Safari & third-party app’s embedded web-browser supported.
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1 修复照片错误旋转问题。

2 iOS beta 版本用户绑定Facebook有闪退现象,请注意使用正式版。

3 核查了二次分享网页未清除引用的文字现象。二次分享需要重新选择一些文字,浏览器的选择不可见 bug 让人误以为上次选择的文字已自动清除。

4 修复了文字编辑框顶端 url 显示不全的现象。

5 修复了点垃圾桶时字数统计错乱的现象。

6 使用指南里增加了 FAQ ,讲述重点问题。

7 修复 iPhone 5s 机型 “提取剪切板URL”显示不全现象。

8 修复网页分享后,晃动设备无法退出,要打几个字才能退出。

9 修复微博无客户端网页版登陆出现崩溃情况。

10 修复从相册添加图片后,键盘仍然弹出,遮挡了图片。

11 修复启动app后框体移动才到位置。

12 修复输入文字字数统计不自动更新的问题。


1 账号管理的完成按钮调整到左下角。

2 工具条的字数统计和剪切版相机按钮调整了位置,布局更合理。

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