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Pagico Plus 3

Pagico Plus 3 can help you manage all your tasks, notes, projects, & clients. With cloud sync that works with Pagico on your computer, you can manage everything even when you’re on the go.

Pagico Plus has a balanced design between functionality and user experience. It allows you to easily tackle daily planning needs with just the right amount of features. Visit our website to learn more about our unique philosophy behind the Pagico suite, and see how it can help you get organized and stay productive.

Pagico Plus 3 for iOS is a major step up from its predecessor. It has a completely redesigned UI, syncs in the background, supports Touch ID authentication, and it’s also optimized to take advantage of the gorgeous screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

[ Special Notes on the Personal Workspace ]
With the purchase of Pagico Plus for iOS, you’ll get one (1) complimentary Personal Workspace, which is our cloud sync service that lets you manage projects & contacts and sync them with the Pagico for Desktop. This complimentary Personal Workspace will never expire, and there will be no renewal costs.

[ Notes for Pagico for Desktop Users ]
+ Pagico Plus for iOS can sync your Inbox data with Pagico on your computer.
+ You can use the complimentary Personal Workspace that comes with the iOS app to sync your projects and contacts.

[ Notes for New Users ]
+ To get the most out of Pagico, please check out Pagico for Desktop*, which syncs with Pagico Plus and works on Mac, Windows and Linux.
+ Your purchase of Pagico Plus for iOS comes with a complimentary Personal Workspace that allows you to manage projects and contact profiles with 100Mb cloud-based storage.

iOS 9

+ You can use Pagico Plus for iOS to join existing workspaces (e.g. the ones that others created) as well.

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+ Pagico Plus for iOS currently does not sync with the iOS calendar yet. This will be implemented in the near future.

* Pagico for Desktop is sold separately, free trial is available.


If you encountered any issue, please do let us know via email at: [email protected] so we can get those issues resolved asap. Reporting issues in reviews is not as helpful, as they usually don’t provide sufficient information on the issue(s).

Thank you for your business!

v3.0.7 improves the reliability of the initial sync cycles on workspaces with large items.


iPhone 7s

iPad Air 4