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Party Twacker

Be the Life of the Party & Break the Ice with Party Twacker! Party Twacker is THE “ALL IN ONE” App, for your next party. It’s FUN and EASY to use. This is a great conversation piece and fun “tool” for making new friends and recording memorable moments. With this App., you’ll never have to come up with awkward pickup lines to meet new people. Have fun trying some of the cool and hilarious features on this App:

***New Feature (Breathalyzer):

iPhone 6s

* Party Twacker now has a fake Breathalyzer. This gag will leave you and your friends rolling on the floor.
Have one of your friends go through the trouble of holding their fingers in the right position. Blow into the mouthpiece and wait for an obnoxious buzzing sound with a hilarious comment.

***Other Features:
* Unique Twitter/Twacker Feature:
* Follow your friends on Twitter
* Post your Party Progress on Twitter for those friends following you.
* Track memorable moments along with the Blood Alcohol Level, (BAL), of you and all of your friends.

* Creates and records a history of all of your parties for great conversations on Monday a.m.
* Tag a Photo of you and your friends to the Party event.
* Keep track of the quantity of drinks including water (Fight the Hangover).
* Record those memorable “pukes” or fake people out with the “did you puke?” button-feature. This feature comes with a Great Audio effect that sounds so real you may find yourself either gagging or laughing.

* Graphical features:


* Who’s the biggest drunk of the night? Party Twacker’s Drunk Chart ranks the evening’s “party twackers” by the amount of alcohol consumed.

iPhone 7 Plus

* Images appear in the Party List as your BAL changes or you happen to PUKE.

This application only provides an estimate of you and your friend’s BAL. There are many other factors that affect a person’s BAL so, remember:

This application is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT FOR DRINKING AND DRIVING.  Always drink responsibly and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. Never DRINK AND OPERATE DANGEROUS MACHINERY.  This application is for entertainment purposes only.

New hilarious audio clips added to the Breathalyzer!

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